Design /// Geometry /// Art Déco

I am Susana Rodríguez, I design and make jewelry by hand in my workshop in Madrid. I create pieces for conscientious, modern and independent women who value the design, craftsmanship and manual elaboration behind each creation.

Joliet is my personal project and jewelry brand created in 2018. In a time when everything is produced in series, under the trend of “fast fashion” and throwaway, I bet to design and develop all the pieces of Joliet in the artisanal way. Making a piece by hand means concentration, meticulousness, patience and time. Each piece in Joliet is special and different, no two are the same. They are unique designs, modern and vintage at the same time, that can be worn and loved for years.

The process of making each piece goes through different phases: First the creative work of conceptualizing, design and sketch out the different collections. From there, I work the metal: cutting, hacksawing, filing, sanding, soldering, polishing, assembling and setting the different compositions. Some pieces, due to their complexity, are worked and then reproduced by a process called lost wax casting. Once the pieces were finished, I sent them to gold plate with a thick layer of gold. I Work with quality brass and silver and robust gold plating 3 to 4 microns thick and 24 carats. The different stones that I use are natural gems, not synthetic ones. All my suppliers are local.

After more than 12 years working in the fashion industry, I decided to make the leap to the world of jewelry driven by the desire of making pieces with my own hands. Pieces that can be enjoyed, falled in love and are present both in the daily life of women and on special occasions.

DECORATIV is my debut collection, a vision of the mixture of contradictory elements that coexist in balanced harmony.

Joliet reinvents the past and projects it to the present.